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Creating Privacy with Solar Shades

Solar Shades are designed to block bright direct sunlight while still maximizing the view. These types of blinds are rated on their “openness” factor and the tightness of the weave directly affects the amount of privacy achieved with solar shades.

Keep in mind that solar shades and sheerweave shades are designed to give you greater comfort inside your home and are not designed to provide maximum privacy. You can assume, however, that solar shades with smaller openness factors, and therefore tighter weaves, provide a little more privacy than those with larger openness quotients. For example, shades with high openness factors and large, open weaves allow others to see details inside your home after dark.

If you choose solar shades with tighter weaves and smaller openness factors, on the other hand, you'll reduce the bright light entering your home and improve your privacy at night. Remember, though, that since all solar shades are designed to let in some light, none will provide total privacy after dark. Even the tightest weaves will allow others to see shadows and silhouettes after sunset.